The Old Man and The Cat

Once upon a time, there was an old man who went for a walk in the forest. While he was walking, he spotted a little cat trapped in a hole. The poor cat was trying very hard to escape but couldn’t manage to do so. The kind-hearted old man decided to help the cat.

He reached out his hand to the cat, hoping to lift it out of the hole. However, the cat got scared and scratched the old man’s hand by accident. It hurt the man a lot, but he didn’t give up. He understood that the cat was just frightened and didn’t mean to hurt him.

Another man happened to be watching this whole incident and was surprised. He shouted, “Why are you still trying to help the cat? It can find its own way out!”

But the old man didn’t pay attention to the other man’s words. He continued his efforts to rescue the cat, again and again. He knew that sometimes animals act out of fear, and it was his duty to show love and care.

Eventually, after several attempts, the old man successfully freed the cat from the hole. He approached the other man and kindly said, “My dear, cats have natural instincts to scratch and protect themselves. It’s my responsibility to show compassion and take care of them.”

Moral of the Story: Treat others the way you want to be treated, regardless of how they treat you.

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