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A collection of Donkey Stories for kids of all ages. Read and enjoy these bedtime Donkey Stories that will educate as well as entertain your child!

The Lazy Donkey

The Lazy Donkey

In a small American town, there lived a diligent salt merchant named Joe and his donkey, Eddie. Eddie was unusually lazy yet crafty, always seeking shortcuts in his work.

During their trips to the city, Eddie ‘accidentally’ fell into a river with bags of salt on his back, discovering the salt dissolved, making his load lighter. Delighted, he planned to repeat this trick.

However, Joe, the shrewd merchant, soon caught on. He replaced the salt with cotton. When Eddie plunged into the river, the cotton soaked up water, becoming heavier. Struggling with the heavy load, Eddie realized his error.

He learned that shortcuts might seem easy but aren’t always effective. Embracing his duties, Eddie transformed into the most diligent and adored donkey in town.

Moral of the Story: Taking shortcuts doesn’t always work.

The Donkey – Presence of Mind Story

The Donkey – Presence of Mind Story

There was once a donkey named Jojo who was very old. Jojo couldn’t work for his master anymore so he decided to kill him. He dug a pit and pushed Jojo into it.

The master started filling up the pit with mud so that he can bury Jojo. Jojo on the other hand shook all the mud from his back and climbed on the dirt that gathers at his feet. Slowly there was a mountain of mud inside the pit and Jojo dusting the mud off and climbing on it.

Soon enough he was out of the pit and in front of his master. His master saw the donkey alive and got scared that the donkey will try to take revenge. He threw his shovel away and ran towards his farm as fast as he could.

Jojo laughed as he saw his master running in fear and lived his life eating juicy fruits and vegetables from the forest.

Moral of the Story: The presence of mind can save your life.