The Monkey and The CrocodileThe Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile

1 year ago

Once upon a time, there was a clever monkey who lived in a tree with tasty red apples. One day,… Read More

The Bear and The Two Friends

1 year ago

Once, two friends went into a strange forest. They knew it could be dangerous, so they promised to stay together… Read More

The Ant and The Dove

1 year ago

Once upon a time, in a forest, a little ant was searching for water. It wandered and wandered until it… Read More

The Rabbit and The Tortoise

1 year ago

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit who was known for his speed. He loved boasting about how fast… Read More

The Thirsty Crow

1 year ago

On a hot day, a thirsty crow flew around the fields searching for water. But there was none to be… Read More

The Fox and The Grapes

1 year ago

Once upon a time, a clever fox was walking through the forest when it spotted a bunch of grapes hanging… Read More

Honesty is the Best Policy Story – The Honest Woodcutter

2 years ago

Once upon a time, there lived a poor woodcutter named Ramu. He lived with his wife and two children in… Read More

The Lion and the Poor Slave

3 years ago

There was once a slave whose master was cruel to him. One day, he couldn't stand it anymore, so he… Read More

The Wise Man

3 years ago

A wise man used to give advice to anyone who approached him. Over the years, he noticed that people had… Read More

True Wealth

3 years ago

Two friends named Max and Tim met after a really long time.  “I have a huge house with a pool,”… Read More